Technical Web-server in Greece

This is the Daihatsu Technical web-server in Greece. It hosts technical information related to Daihatsu Diesel marine 4-stroke diesel engines (useful information about this service).

  technical support information or FAQ,
  technical bulletins,
  engine instruction manuals and spare parts books,
  articles, research technology and brochures
  class certificates for Daihatsu engines and equipment
  multimedia downloads, training videos, promotional videos
  Daihatsu archives
  service instructions (section for staff and partners only)
search engine (if you don't know what you are looking for)

Access to certain pages requires authentication. To apply for a username and password please fill in the application form and fax or e-mail it to us.

Access to this server is monitored. If you object to monitoring please leave now. Browser issues not displaying properly Greek language pages are explained here.

If you have any comments or if you wish to contribute some of your technical know-how contact us at

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