for access to Technical Bulletins and Engine Instruction Manuals

Last update 16.07.2008

Please use the form below to apply for a Username and Password for access to the on-line Technical Bulletins and Engine Instruction Manuals.
At this time only individuals who fulfil the following criteria are granted access:

  • must be ship-owners or ship managers or be in the employ of one
  • must have in their management/ownership a vessel(s) equipped with Daihatsu engines
  • must have their offices in Greece or Cyprus
  • must have their details registered with Daihatsu



e-mail address Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and similar addresses are not acceptable
Country At this time only Greece and Cyprus are accepted
Engine Model(s) i.e. 6DL-22, 8PS-26D, 5DK-20
Engine Serial Number(s) i.e. DL622-123, 8261234, DK520Z1234
Category (check as many as necessary) Technical Bulletins     FAQ     Engine Manuals
Early notification mailing list Yes   No       (Read about Early Notification)

Any missing or incorrect information will delay the approval process.

If for some reason you do not have an e-mail client setup or the form is not posting your information, please print and fax this page to +30 210 4285900.

If you have any strong arguments why you should be given access even though you do not fulfil any of the above criteria, please include them in an separate e-mail message.


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