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Last update 08.09.2011

Frequently Asked Questions is a series of questions and answers to common everyday technical inquiries relating to Daihatsu made engines. The information contained in these pages is not included in the engine manual. The engine manual is the best source for most information on your engine type. Additionally, Daihatsu Service Letters or Technical Bulletins are here to assist you in understanding, preventing and solving common engine problems.
Problems come in thousands and their treatment can have a different approach each time. If you did not get a satisfactory answer to your problem, do not despair. Your problem may not be a common one but it DOES have a solution. GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR LOCAL AGENT.
All information listed in the FAQ pages is provided "as is" without guarantee and for your guidance only. You should get professional advice on your specific problem.

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FAQ-01-01 Q. What are the causes of connecting rod and connecting rod bold breakage

FAQ-01-02 Q. What are the steps of undersize bearings and the corresponding pin diameter for the PS-26D engine?

FAQ-01-03 Q. What are the grinding tolerances for the crank pins and main journals for the PS-26D engine?

FAQ-01-04 Q. What are the bearing tolerances of the PS-26D and PS-26H engine?

FAQ-01-05 Q. What are the steps of undersize bearings and the corresponding pin diameter for the PS-26H engine?

FAQ-01-06 Q. What is the maximum inclination for an engine under operation?

FAQ-01-07 Q. What are the markings on the fuel injection nozzles? What do the markings DLF130TB328 mean?

FAQ-01-08 Q. What is the lubricating oil (LO) consumption of my Daihatsu engine?

FAQ-01-09 Q. What is the difference between plungers with diameter 16 and diameter 17mm on my PS-26 engine?

FAQ-01-10 Q. How many connecting rod bolts are there on the connecting rod of the DSB-22 engine? My engine has one con rod fitted with 2 bolts. The new connecting rod I just purchased has 4 bolts.

FAQ-01-11 Q. What is the weight of the connecting rod on my engine? Why do connecting rods on the same engine have different weight?

FAQ-01-12 Q. The intake valve rotators on my DS-26 engine differ from the exhaust valve rotators in the engine manual. The exhaust valve the rotators on my engine have small holes on the circumference. On the intake valve rotator there are no holes. Why ?

FAQ-01-13 Q. What is the alignment limit of the main bearing pockets on the engine soleplate?

FAQ-01-14 Q. I have purchased a used crankshaft to fit my engine which suffered damage on the bearing surfaces. The crankshaft I purchased came with balance weights already fitted, but the number and size of the weights as well as their position does not match the number, size and positions of my damaged crankshaft. How do I install the new crankshaft?

FAQ-01-15 Q. I have purchased a second hand crankshaft to fit in my engine. The used crankshaft does not have enough crank webs machined to accept balance weights. My damaged crankshaft has 8 balance weights but the new crankshaft has only 4 webs where I can fit the weights. What can I do?

FAQ-01-16 Q. What is the fuel pump injection timing of my engine and how can I find out about it?

FAQ-01-17 Q. What is the maximum permissible undersize for my crankshaft (crank pins and main journals)?

FAQ-01-18 Q. What are the hardness limits for my crankshaft (crank pins and main journals)?



FAQ-03-01 Q. Lubricating Oil Analysis

FAQ-03-02 Q. Viscosity Conversion Table to convert from Redwood to Centistokes.


FAQ-04-01 Q. Causes of increased wear on the exhaust valve stem.

FAQ-04-02 Q. What is the maintenance interval and replacement interval for the major running parts of the engine?

FAQ-04-03 Q. What is the fuel blending ratio limit for my engine?

FAQ-04-04 Q. Modification on the Fuel Pump Eye Bolt?

FAQ-04-05 Q. Idle Gear Assembly Instructions for DL-22, DL-24, DS-22?

FAQ-04-06 Q. Do I re-chrome plate the piston ring grooves of an oversize piston groove? I am planning to machine the first piston ring groove due to increased wear to the next oversize dimension. The grooves of the piston are chrome plated. After machining the grooves do I need to chrome plate the grooves again?

FAQ-04-07 Q. How to troubleshoot cases of high lub oil consumption?

FAQ-04-08 Q. What is "Piston Cut Back Machining"?

FAQ-04-09 Q. How do I convert hardness values of steel?

FAQ-04-10 Q. How do I identify the air cooler model of a DK-20 series engine?

FAQ-04-11 Q. Are there any standard engine data performance forms for Daihatsu engines?

FAQ-04-12 Q. Filters - Convert Mesh to Microns?


FAQ-05-01 Q. Exhaust Valve Seat / Cage Modifications

FAQ-05-02 Q. Connecting rod inspection and measurement recording form.

FAQ-05-03 Q. What are the points of "Starting up Engine after a Long Period of Standstill"?

FAQ-05-04 Q. Balance weight modification on DL-20 engine.

FAQ-05-05 Q. Connecting rod cooling nozzle configuration on PS-26H engines.


FAQ-06-01 Q. Modified Exhaust Valve Guide and Seat

FAQ-06-02 Q. What are the available undersize main and crankpin bearings on the DK-20 engines?

FAQ-06-03 Q. What are the ovality limits of the connecting rod big end bore on the DK-20 engines?

FAQ-06-04 Q. How can I identify the balance weight on my Daihatsu Engine?

FAQ-06-05 Q. How can I calculate the center of gravity of a connecting rod?

FAQ-06-06 Q. What is the ovality limit of a cylinder liner?

FAQ-06-07 Q. How much is the combustion pressure difference allowed between cylinders?

FAQ-06-08 Q. What are the Standard Maintenance Schedule intervals of the DK-20 series engine?

FAQ-06-09 Q. What are the necessary parts for an Oil Mist Detector MD-9M periodical overhaul?

FAQ-06-10 Q. What are the causes and countermeasures of cylinder liner cavitation and its replacement limit?

FAQ-06-11 Q. How to tell if the connecting rob bolts are original or not?

FAQ-06-12 Q. What is the Daihatsu Certificate of Genuinity? How can I identify it and why should I ask for it?


FAQ-07-01 Q. What is the Traf Oil Process?

FAQ-07-02 Q. What are the issues with regards to the burning of low sulphur fuels?

FAQ-07-03 Q. Engine will not start after using low sulphur fuel or MGO.

FAQ-07-04 Q. How is piston top clearance measured?

FAQ-07-05 Q. Test Record and Engine Performance Sheet

FAQ-07-06 Q. Correction of the Protect Ring thickness on the DC-17 engine?

FAQ-07-07 Q. How to check proper alignment of the T/C flange with exhaust duct flange?

FAQ-07-08 Q. Where can I get spare parts and support for the Daihatsu Oil Mist Detector MD-9?

FAQ-11-01 Q. What is the Daihatsu SC1000 cleaning liquid used in cleaning the Oil Mist Detector sensor units on model MD-SX?


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