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About this Service

This is a free service provided to all Daihatsu engine owners, which are domiciled in Greece and Cyprus. The criteria for being granted access are the following:

  • must be ship-owners or ship managers or be in the employ of one
  • must have in their management/ownership a vessel(s) equipped with Daihatsu engines
  • must have their offices in Greece or Cyprus
  • must have their details registered with Daihatsu
  • must use original Daihatsu spare parts

As with all free services, they must somehow be financed to cover their expenses of hardware, bandwidth, production and development. This service is partly financed by the sale of spare parts from the Daihatsu mother company. Makers reserve the right to charge you for this service if they consider you are not using their original spare parts on your Daihatsu engines.

In part they are right since most of the information contained in these pages refers to original parts. "Copy parts", "pirate parts", "OEM parts", "licensee parts", or whatever else you wish to call the non Daihatsu parts, have a different response and mechanical properties, and thus the instructions given by makers does not apply to them. We strongly recommend that you do not apply the information contained herein if you suspect the parts you have been supplied are not original Daihatsu parts.

How to apply for access

Please use the application form in this page or send an e-mail or fax, including the following information:

  • Company name (in case of fax your letterhead has all the information we need)

  • Your name

  • Your e-mail address (your company e-mail address; hotmail or yahoo addresses are not accepted)

  • A telephone and fax number by which we can contact you in case we have to. We normally do not contact you.

  • Your company address including the country

  • The engine model and engine serial number for which you need to receive information. This information must be accurate since it is confirmed against makers delivery records. If engine serial number does not exist or is wrongly supplied your application will be rejected. If you have several different engine models you may submit a fleet list, if you like, to save you from typing all this information over again.

   Send your e-mail to

   Send your fax to +30 210 4285900

Mailing List

Our server operates a mailing list for early notification of new service letters. Once a new service letter is published, you will be notified by e-mail and will be prompted with a link to view or download the newly issued service letter.

To join our mailing list go to this page MAILING LIST.

Your e-mail will never be used to send any other information nor will it ever be disclosed to third parties. To unsubscribe just reply to the notification e-mail and change the SUBJECT to UNSUBSCRIBE.


These pages are provided as is. Please read our Liability pages here.

Terms and Conditions

Access to this server is monitored. If you object to monitoring please leave now.

Username and password issued are strictly personal and should not be disclosed to third parties outside the company of the person who requested them.

Once a username and password are issued, the IP address of the domain from which you connect to view the information is also logged. In case you have a dynamic IP address like a dial up connection, there is no problem as long as you do not use different providers for connecting to the Internet. In case your home ISP and office ISP are different and you wish to use both connections, please inform us. Also, if you plan to travel abroad (say attend a dry-dock in China and you plan to use your laptop to connect) also let us know, since we will suspect that someone from China is trying to log in using your credentials and we will terminate your access.

Your username and password are valid only as long as you are in the employ of the company from which you originally applied. In case you shift to another company your details will no longer be active and your subscription will be terminated. If your new employer has Daihatsu engines you can apply for a new password.

Some pages are copy and print protected due to copyright issues. Please understand and respect it.

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